Real Life Testimonials

What others have said.........

" I just felt so angry and i didn't know how to stop feeling that way. I wasn't sleeping, i couldn't concentrate at work and i was really worried about my husband and how he was feeling about what happened. It was so unfair. But being given time and space to talk openly and honestly about how i felt, even getting angry in the room helped me so much. I was able to say all those things i wanted to say, all those things i was feeling that i couldn't say out loud to anyone else. I was able to talk things through and begin looking at my future and my families future with less fear and anxiety. I learnt to live in the now and enjoy life again. We've just booked a holiday. Something i never thought possible before i started my counselling. (JH)

"I was feeling totally under appreciated in my relationship. I was doing my best but it never seemed good enough. I loved my wife and i know she loved me but we'd lost our ability to talk. I stopped doing things i enjoyed and started to feel really depressed. Through talking about how i felt, i was able to realise that i'd always prided myself on being the one to fix everything but this time i couldn't, so i just concluded i was a failure. That feeling of failure and guilt just sent me spiraling and i dealt with it by avoiding my family which only made things worse. Once i realised this, i spoke to my wife about everything and we talked things through. I couldn't have done this had i not had the opportunity to explore my thougths and speak openly and honestly about my feelings in a safe, non-judgement environment. (CS) 

"Having lost my mum 20yrs ago i've been searching ever since for help dealing with it. I've tried many types of help including counselling but never found anything that worked for me personally, until NOW!. My Maximinding Counsellor helped me break down my walls that i thought would never crumble. I was too scared to risk opening up to all that hurt and pain again but her down to earth and approachable attitude made me feel so safe and she connected with me totally. I felt like she really understood me as a person. A clinical environment would never have worked for me. This environment and approach was different. So relaxed and i felt safe. I know i could tell her anything and everything about the way i was feeling in order to feel better. This has literally saved my life". (MW)