Real Life Testimonials

How we've helped others..............

"After years of feeling down and knowing i wasn't myself, i knew i had to get myself sorted. I was dealing with anxiety and panic attacks because of feeling judged and i had personal problems with my marriage. I needed to see someone rather than go to the Doctors and be another patient with depression. I was given time to explain how i felt and we talked about how i could better manage my feelings. After having hypnotherapy i can honestly say that i'm back to my happy self. When i felt anxious, i just spoke to myself and the feelings disappeared. I finally felt like i was in a safe space within my brain, my feelings were protected and i could rationally put things into perspective"  (LT)

"I wanted to be hypnotised as i'd tried a lot of different ways to give up smoking but they'd only lasted a couple of days. I was smoking 30-40 roll ups a day.  My 5yr old daughter started to pretend to smoke with carrot sticks and it made me want to quit so much more. During hypnosis i felt very relaxed and had a lovely sensation like i was floating in my body, it was an incredible experience. Since i walked out from my session, i have not smoked and i've had no desire or craving to smoke. I have felt better in myself since, my skin is brighter, my daughter is not pretending to smoke anymore and i've saved loads of money.  (N)

My husband's snoring was becoming a problem. I was woken 2-3 times a night for 30-50mins each time. Everything else i'd tried had failed, except divorce but i love him LOL. I found the whole process of being hypnotised quite relaxing. After a couple of sessions, i was given a technique to use in the event i did wake up. It's changed my life. To be able to sleep a normal sleep and have tools to allow me to go back to sleep very quickly has been nothing short of amazing. It's saved my sanity and we're still married. 

Early Summer 2017 I'd been feeling very on edge, anxious and worrying about everything, feeling like the whole world was on top of me and I had no control over anything. Despite feeling this way for over a year, i ignored it, putting it down to being a full-time working new mum. July 2017 I had my very first episode whilst driving on the Motorway. At first I wasn’t sure what it was but when the same thing happened again and this time with my son in the car, I knew these were panic attacks and that I had to do something about it, I'd put my little boy in danger and at this point he was the only thing keeping me going.

Hypnosis was recommended to me by a friend and i sought help. I was a bit skeptical at first but at this point I was feeling so low, emotional, my mind felt so full and I just felt trapped in every aspect of my life that I was willing to try anything, My partner drove me because i was unable to drive since the panic attack. As soon as I arrived, I felt at ease and opened up very easily. My Hypnotherapist Kim had such a calming feel about her and I instantly trusted her and knew she could help me.

After my session, for the first time in weeks, I was able to drive myself home. I realised I could be in control of my issues, just by taking myself back to the place I'd been whilst under hypnosis using the trigger. I had some initial moments of slight panic but quickly regained control & calmed myself down, managing to drive the whole way home.

Its now been over a year since my session and i haven't had a single panic attack. I simply remind myself that I'm in control and anxiety wasn’t going to win. Since this positive hypnotherapy experience, I've made some big life changes too. (GW)