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Will you make me do something i don't want to do under hypnosis?

Contrary to public belief, you can't make someone do anything that they wouldn't normally do in a conscious state of mind. Your subconscious will only accept positive suggestions that it considers will be useful to it. If not, it simply won't comply with the suggestion. 

Will it definitely work?

The success of Hypnosis relies on an individuals personal want and desire for change. There are times when despite your conscious desires, there's hidden, unconscious reasons as to why your subconscious is not yet ready to embrace the changes and in fact rejects it. When this occurs, hypnosis can be used to raise your awareness of what these blocks are in accepting change and work with them, before recommencing work on your original goal. 

Who's your Regulatory Body?


Who's your Regulatory Counselling Body?

We are qualified Hypnotherapist with integrated Counselling skills. We're registered members of the National Hypnotherapy Society (NHS) who are overseen by the Professional Standards Authority and impose a strict Code of Ethics to all members of which we fully adhere.       

(Further details can be found on the NHS website www.nationalhypnotherapysociety.org)